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TARANGO communication an organization who is world-class supplier of broadcast products, systems planning, designing, installation, and commissioning services. TARANGO communication is experienced in developing successful telecommunication and radio broadcast engineering. We can either compromise or proof the requirements you needed. We will identify the various requirements for the tender or proposal and structure, and then liaise with our experts to source the necessary products for you.

Telecommunication Services

BTS Installation (Base transceiver station).

♦ Micro wave link (Survey, planning, Design and Installation & Commissioning).

♦ IBS Installation (In building solution).

♦ Commissioning, Testing&Documentation.

♦ Alarm Systems.

♦ Micro wave link (Survey, planning, Design and Installation & Commissioning).

♦ Site Acquisition.

♦ Supply of Telecommunication Accessories.

♦ Firefighting and other protection systems.

♦ Grounding Systems.

♦ Preparation of Technical Site Survey Report (TSSR) for Telecom RT & GF sites.